Delivering Expert Energy and Sustainability Statements in London

Pioneering Energy and Sustainability in London: Enviropass' Expert Strategies and Solutions for a Greener Tomorrow

Spearheading Energy and Sustainability in London

Enviropass is at the forefront of meeting the carbon reduction targets outlined in the London local plan. They specialize in producing comprehensive sustainability statements, which are a crucial component for numerous planning applications in London. These statements are invaluable for local authorities to assess various environmental aspects, including CO2 emissions mitigation, renewable energy adoption, water usage and conservation, and the broader environmental impacts of development proposals.

Enviropass conducting a BREEAM assessment in London.

Bespoke Energy and Sustainability Services by Enviropass

Enviropass offers custom energy and sustainability statements, starting at £750 + VAT, tailored for London projects. Their established excellence with local planning authorities underscores their capability in delivering services that not only meet but exceed expectations.


Expert Energy Strategy Development with Enviropass

Enviropass is renowned for their expertise in crafting energy strategy statements for London-based developments. These statements are integral to fulfilling the requirements of local plans, often demanding a 10% improvement beyond the Part L emissions standards. Through meticulous SAP calculations and U-values measurement, Enviropass ensures that every energy strategy statement is both comprehensive and precise.

Detailed Energy Strategies for Sustainable Development in London

Enviropass's energy strategy statements are thorough, detailing how each development will meet local plan requirements for carbon dioxide emission reduction. They encompass strategies for renewable energy use and carbon reduction technologies, showcasing a well-rounded approach to sustainability.

Comprehensive Sustainability Reporting by Enviropass

Enviropass's proficiency in creating sustainability statements is crucial for planning in London. Their reports, deeply informed by their experience with local planning authorities, cover critical areas such as efficient water usage, flood risk assessment (FRA), and circular economy considerations.

Advanced Sustainability Assessments with Enviropass

Enviropass employs detailed SAP calculations, using sophisticated software, to model energy and water usage, along with flood risk and drainage concerns. This level of detail ensures that every sustainability statement they produce is thorough and reliable.

Achieving BREEAM Excellence in London with Enviropass

Enviropass also aids projects in achieving an 'excellent' BREEAM rating in London for non-domestic buildings, a testament to their commitment to outstanding environmental performance standards.


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To discover how Enviropass can guide your project to excel in Energy and Sustainability in London, get in touch with them today. Their expertise is key to navigating the complexities of sustainable development and ensuring success in London's urban landscape.

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