Construction Environmental Management Plans in Wandsworth

Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMPs) are often added as a planning condition when you receive your decision notice for planning. If the LPA asks for it you will need to get one produced. The report will get sent to the LPA for review.

Steps in Construction Environmental Management

Construction Environmental Management Plans set out the steps a construction project will take to avoid, minimize, or mitigate any adverse effects on the environment and the surrounding area.

Adherence to Environmental Policies and Updates

The plan is designed to ensure that the project adheres to environmental commitments as outlined in an environmental statement or policy. Sometimes it needs updating throughout the project.

Implementing Environmental Controls Post-Approval 

Following the approval controls must be put in place to manage the environmental impact of the construction program.

Key Environmental Management Practices

So things like wheel washing, acoustic shielding, and water run-off. Other things like monitoring of noise, dust, and surface water releases from construction activities can be required.

Biodiversity Management During Construction Phases

During the initial phases of construction, ground clearance works may require an ecological clerk of works to ensure that biodiversity impacts are minimized.

Enviropass' Experience in CEMPs Across the UK

Enviropass has in depth experience in producing Construction Environmental Management Plans for clients. We have experience across the UK (especially London).

Specialized CEMP Experience in Wandsworth

The team have experience in Wandsworth.

Tailored CEMP Solutions and Pricing

Prices for CEMPs start from £350 but quotes are site a proposal specific. So please contact us on 0203 488 0225.

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