Waste Permitting in London

Our waste planning team have in depth experience in achieving planning permission for projects such as recycling facilities, quarries, landfill sites and other proposal that produce waste.

Planning Applications: Waste Permitting in London

We have in depth experience in local and national policy relating to minerals and waste planning. Along with producing the planning statement for your project we are able to project manage the environmental impact assessment (when required) and also management the other disciplines and report needed for your submission to the LPA. This can also involve interaction with the Environment agency (see below).

We also help people get Environmental permits.

Is your project related to Waste management, food factories, end of life vehicle recyclers or recycling? We can help.
Enviropass has an expertise in environmental permitting. We operate throughout the UK.

We assist individuals, developers and industrial companies in applying for, varying, and complying with environmental permits, as well as other UK environmental legislation.

We have a proven track record of helping clients obtain the correct permit for their existing or proposed operations.

Our team has worked closely with local authorities and the Environment Agency, and we possess a thorough understanding of the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2016. This knowledge enables us to help our clients become compliant with the relevant legislation.

If you require information on your business requirements or have recently received a visit from the EA please contact us.

Our environmental permit consulting and waste planning services start from £850, but quotes are site and proposal-specific. So please contact us for a quote at 0203 488 0225.

As experienced environmental permit consultants, we offer a range of services, including:

Permit applications
Variations and surrender
Surveys (desktop and phase 2)
Risk assessments
Fire prevention plans

We have experience with the Environment Agency.

Call us and we can help make your project a reality.

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