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EnviroPass specializes in assisting businesses in Kent with environmental permitting. Our expertise ensures full compliance with Environment Agency regulations.

Our expertise ensures full compliance with Environment Agency regulations.

Comprehensive Support for Environmental Permits

We guide businesses through the complexities of applying for both standard rules and bespoke waste permits. Our tailored approach ensures your business meets all specific regulatory requirements.

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Tailored Solutions for Diverse Industries

We work with businesses such as:

  • Power generation

  • Waste management

  • Engineering

  • Food production

  • End of life vehicles

  • Data management

Our in-depth understanding of various sectors allows us to provide customized environmental permit solutions.

Navigating the Environmental Permitting Process

An environmental permit outlines necessary conditions for businesses to protect the environment. This includes managing energy use, water discharge, emissions, and more. Adhering to EP regulations 2016 is crucial for legal compliance.

Expert Guidance for 'Duly Made' Permits

We assist in determining whether a Bespoke permit is required for your business, ensuring all aspects like noise, soil, fire prevention plans, and odour management are adequately addressed in your application.

Our experienced team liaises with the Environment Agency to streamline the process.

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For detailed information and guidance on Waste Permitting in Kent, call us at 0203 488 0225. Let EnviroPass be your partner in environmental compliance.

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