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We are specialists in Topographical survey for development projects in Wandsworth, Lambeth, Croydon, Merton, Kensington and Chelsea, Hammersmith and Fulham, Enfield, Ealing and Bromley.

Expert Topographical Surveys in London

At Enviropass, we specialize in providing topographical surveys across London, delivering precise and detailed land data essential for planning applications.

We help architects, property developers, planning consultants and surveyors produce accurate Topographical surveys for their planning applications.

In simple terms what is a Topographical Survey?

It's a ground survey of a site which accurately measures all the features to produce a detailed plan.

A specialist surveyor uses GNSS and Total station instruments to collect all the relevant data to plot an accurate map.

Often existing maps are wrong, out of date or fail to map all the relevant features on the site plan. Architects often need a 'topo' to make sure their scheme will correctly fit on site.

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Our expertise, advanced technology, and in-depth local knowledge ensure that we deliver high-quality survey results tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

Typically we produce basic outline surveys, detailed 3d surveys or general land surveys.

Our Services

Detailed Land Mapping: We provide comprehensive land mapping services, capturing the natural and man-made features of the landscape. Our surveys include contours, spot levels, boundaries, trees, utilities, and existing structures.

State-of-the-Art Equipment: Utilizing the latest surveying technologies such as GPS, Total Stations, and 3D laser scanners, we ensure accurate data collection and high-resolution topographical maps.

CAD and BIM Integration: Our survey data can be seamlessly integrated into CAD and BIM systems, providing a robust foundation for architectural designs, planning applications, and construction projects.

Utility Surveys: Identifying underground utilities is crucial for safe and efficient project planning. Our surveys include the location of pipes, cables, and other subsurface utilities to prevent costly mistakes and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Environmental and Planning Surveys: We offer specialized surveys that meet the requirements for environmental assessments and planning applications, ensuring compliance with local regulations and providing critical data for sustainable development.

Bespoke Survey Solutions: Every project is unique. We provide tailored survey solutions to meet specific client requirements, whether for small residential developments or large-scale commercial projects.

Email info@enviropass.co.uk and we will provide a detailed quote within 24hrs.

Our Topographical Surveys start from £350 +VAT

From our office in South London we are the experts in London Topographical Surveys. Call the London 'Topo' Experts on 0203 488 0225

Why Choose Us?

Expertise and Local Knowledge: With years of experience and a deep understanding of London’s diverse topography and regulatory environment, we are well-equipped to handle projects of any complexity. We submit survey, reports and applications to many London councils every week.

Accuracy and Precision: Our commitment to precision ensures that our clients receive the most reliable and accurate data, facilitating informed decision-making. 

Client-Focused Approach: We prioritize our clients' needs, offering flexible scheduling, competitive pricing, and dedicated customer support to ensure complete satisfaction.

Comprehensive Reporting: Our topographical surveys come with detailed reports and high-quality visualizations making it easy for clients to interpret and utilize the data.


The London landscape provides unique challenges. Tight spaces, multiple properties and disputed boundaries. Work with the London Topographical experts. We will provide you with accurate data at an affordable price

What are Topo surveys?

At Enviropass, we specialize in topographical surveys for the London boroughs. These surveys, conducted using laser technology, provide a thorough and precise understanding of your proposed site's natural and man-made features, including its topography and elevation.

Our topographical surveys identify essential land characteristics such as drainage systems, existing structures, service locations, site levels, boundaries, sections, trees, pathways, and more. We typically deliver this information digitally and in CAD format, offering a detailed representation of the land and its surrounding features, ensuring clarity for our clients and any relevant stakeholders.

How much do Topographical surveys cost?

It depends on the complexity of the site and the time involved to complete the survey. Small boundary surveys are much cheaper than complex sites involving multiple units. Our Topo surveys start from £350 + VAT.

We provide Topographical surveys for all London boroughs especially Lambeth, Croydon, Merton, Wandsworth, Kensington and Chelsea, Hammersmith and Fulham, Enfield, Ealing and Bromley. We are often cheaper the other providers due to our surveyors being local to the relevant sites in London. We have all the equipment in place.

Unlocking London's Potential: The Importance of Topographical Surveys for Planning Applications

In the dynamic landscape of London, precise measurements are essential to navigate the complexities of property development. Topographical surveys serve as the cornerstone of informed decision-making, providing critical insights into the city's landscape.

Understanding the Terrain:

London's topography is diverse, with varying elevations and surface features. Topographical surveys provide a comprehensive understanding of the terrain, including flood risk areas, elevations, obstacles, slopes, and ecology. This information is vital for architects, engineers, and planners when designing projects.

Precision Mapping for Design:

Accurate mapping derived from topographical surveys forms the basis for effective design and analysis. Often architects will need a topographical survey in place before they can start produce accurate drawings for a planning application. By providing detailed data on elevation changes, contours, and existing structures, these surveys enable stakeholders to optimize space utilization, assess drainage patterns, and ensure compatibility with existing infrastructure.

Compliance with the Local Planning Authority:

Topographical surveys ensure compliance by providing the essential data needed to navigate the UK's complex planning system. The local planning authority check all plans carefully. They need to know drawings and designs are accurate and nothing has been left out. Incorrect drawings can cause a planning application to be rejected.

Risk Management and Safety Assurance:

Identifying potential hazards is crucial for ensuring the safety and resilience of London's built environment. Topographical surveys pinpoint flood risk areas, unstable slopes, and contaminated land, empowering developers to implement effective risk management strategies and safeguard both property and human lives.

Stakeholder Engagement:

Transparent communication with stakeholders is key to successful development projects. Topographical surveys provide visual representations and data-driven insights that facilitate meaningful engagement with local communities.

Topographical surveys are indispensable tools for planning applications in London, offering a comprehensive understanding of the terrain, enabling precision mapping for design, ensuring compliance with regulations, guiding environmental impact assessments, managing risks, and facilitating stakeholder engagement.

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